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Mission Statement

“The existence of Muaythai Institute originally derived from the cabinet’s resolution on establishing the World Muaythai Council in 1995. The council’s role and responsibility is to promote the Thai arts of self-defense at a national and international level.
The international conference held in Bangkok on 25 September 1995 and organized by the Council expressed their needs for the establishment of a Muaythai Institute in Thailand.
Accordingly, Mr. Amnuay Kesbumrung, the pioneer and owner of Rangsit Thai boxing stadium, was given a license to operate the Muaythai Institute in his stadium.”

In turn, and from 2005—2008, under the direction and guidance of 17 Masters and mentors at Muaythai Institute Thailand, Kirby Thibeault completed instructor and referee training and in July 2008 began to represent the Muaythai Institute to help achieve its above principles and objectives by providing course certification in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in direct association with Muaythai Institute Thailand.

Consequently, Mr. Kirby Thibeault began Muaythai classes on July 4, 2008 and launched the second Muaythai Institute to help promote and share the Muaythai standard as recognized by the World Muaythai Council (WMC) and Thai Ministry of Education with Muaythai Institute Thailand.

This includes helping teach both the ‘right attitude’ and techniques as taught at Muaythai Institute Thailand along with Thai traditions and culture.

Mr. Kirby Thibeault is both honored and humbled by being able to represent Muaythai Institute Thailand and extends his eternal thanks and gratitude to his mentors and Masters at Muaythai Institute Thailand. 1 Muaythai Institute (MTI), Rangsit Stadium, Thailand.

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