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Master Kirby Thibeault and MuayThai Mentor

Training Times

Friday 5:30 pm—7 pm


Sunday 7:45 am - 9:15 am


Examination: Test

A test is given upon minimum of 40 hours of course completion conditional upon the student being ‘ready’ for the test. Execution of form and technique and attitude are tested.



Students Training


Wai Kru


Muaythai Institute Thailand


MTI Thailand Curriculum
Nai Khanomtom
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Instructor’s Certification:
Trainee and Qualified Instructor Designations, Certified by MuayThai Institute (MTI),
World MuayThai Council (WMC),
and Thai Ministry of Education

Senior Instructor Certification,

Certified by MTI, WMC, and Thai Ministry of Education

Referee and
Judge 1,
Local Level,

Certified by MTI, WMC, and Thai Ministry of Education

Referee and
Judge 2,
National Level,

Certified by MTI, WMC, and Thai Ministry of Education MuayThai Courses: MuayThai 1 MuayThai 2 MuayThai 3

Muaythai 1:

Muaythai Basic skills as Taught in Thailand:
The training approach of Muaythai Institute leads to:
1. Development of the “Right Attitude” for Muaythai training;
2. A strong foundation of Muaythai basic but critical skills
3. Knowledge about Thai cultures, values, and traditions; and
4. Exceptional physical conditioning and level of fitness

Course Objectives:

1. To teach and pass on the Thai Tradition and culture and Muay Thai etiquette through teaching the ‘right attitude.’
The right attitude includes at least the following traits and characteristics:

i. To Wai in all appropriate situations, such as entering the training area; to the instructor when receiving individual advice; to the holder of the training equipment before and after the exercise; to one’s opponent when practicing technique and/or sparring; during Wai kru;
ii. To always show respect to the instructor and other students always while training;
iii. To never train with ego or anger;
iv. To train with joy and compassion for others
v. To train with a neutral state of mind free of feelings of either elation or sadness especially when training technique or sparring
vi. To be respectful to and keep the lineage of teaching and Masters and Mentors at Muaythai Institute in mind while performing the Wai Kru ceremony;
vii. To focus on developing ‘beautiful’ technique and form vs. trying to substitute power or brute force at the cost of pure form and technique;
viii. Through Muaythai training, become a better citizen in society that has exceptional Muaythai mental and physical skills

2. To learn basic Muaythai fundamentals, that serve as a foundation for Muaythai skills that includes:

i. Muaythai Guard
ii. Muaythai footwork
iii. Execution of Muaythai strikes including basic punches & kicks
iv. Basic Muaythai defense against striking weapons and opponent advances

3. To learn about Thai culture and traditions and history of Muaythai and values

Eligible students and Minimum Training Time
1. Male or females ages 4 and older
2. Minimum training time: 40 hours

Muay Thai fighters
Muaythai Fighters Photo
Nai Khanomtom the Thai Legend
MTI Fighter 2
Blood on Muay Thai fighter companion
MuayThai Fighters with MuayThai Institute Logo

Muaythai 2

Intermediate Skills Course objectives:

1. To continue to learn and develop the mental and physical Muaythai skills taught in Muaythai 1.
2. To become more fluid in the skills taught in Muaythai 1 and move seamlessly between techniques and training drills.
3. To continue to learn about and practice Muaythai traditions and culture such as Wai Kru and also have a greater knowledge base about Thai history and culture.
4. To learn Introductory Muaythai sparring techniques for the Muaythai trio of attack, avoidance, and defense.
5. To continue to develop the right Muaythai attitude.

Eligibility and minimum training time:
1. Male and females ages 4 and older
2. Successful completion of Muaythai 1
3. Minimum training: 40 hours of instruction



Muay Thai 3

Advanced Skills Objectives:

1. To continue to learn about and practice the Muaythai tradition and culture and values;

2. To have the skills developed in Muaythai 1 become instinctive when training;

3. To continue to develop physical and mental skills learned in Muaythai 1 and 2;

4. To learn advanced Muaythai training techniques that include:
i. Advanced striking techniques; punching and kicking;
ii. Advanced knowledge about knee striking and defending techniques
iii. Advanced knowledge about elbow striking and defending techniques;
iv. Learn basic clinching techniques; and
v. Learn more advanced sparring techniques


1. Male and female students ages 4 and older
2. Successful completion of Muaythai 1 and 2

Upon completion of all three courses, students will have a strong Thai Muaythai foundation upon which to build on for any of the purposes for learning Muaythai as identified in the section “Reasons to Learn Muaythai.”

However, Muaythai training and learning additional Muaythai skills is a lifelong pursuit that becomes part of an individual’s lifestyle for mental, physical, and spiritual reasons that goes beyond just the physical and leads to healthier and happier citizens in society that live positive and productive lives that achieve a high level of living satisfaction.

Accordingly, the Muaythai Institute is pleased to welcome students to Muaythai training that helps all individuals achieve their own personal goals and ambitions for choosing to begin to learn Muaythai